Show Date:July 3-5, 2019
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
2nd Annual Film Cloud Computing Open Forum



The 2nd Annual Film Cloud Computing Open Forum will take place June 13-15, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, P.R. China. As the first-ever open forum worldwide to bring together cloud computing and content production technology, it has received significant support from NAB Show Shanghai, the 23rd Shanghai International TV Festival and the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.
• The 23rd Shanghai International TV Festival and 20th Shanghai International Film Festival will be hosted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai People’s Government
• NAB Show Shanghai is hosted by the U.S.-based National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) / Shanghai International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC)
• The 2nd Annual Quantum Cloud Film Cloud Computing Big Data Open Forum, under the collective support of the aforementioned hosts, will be assisted by Quantum Cloud as well as well-known industry media organizations.


The Forum will be a channel for the dissemination of the most advanced cloud computing technology and most innovative content production globally.
VIP guests/speakers will include pioneers from the fields of cloud computing and supercomputing, creative directors from the world’s leading visual effects and animation studios as well as VR/AR production teams. We are looking forward to sharing these resources with you!



The Forum has already received strong support from relevant stakeholders:
International Exhibitions--NAB Show Shanghai, Shanghai International TV Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival
Industry Associations--China Post Production Alliance, Revisualization Society Asia, China Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology Innovation & Strategic Alliance
Media--Variety, TV Talk, film technology-related media outlets
Successful Experience--The 1st Annual NAB Show Shanghai and Film Cloud Computing Open Forum in December 2016 brought together more than 300 participant companies and 15,170 people from 50 countries. In particular, the Open Forum was comprised of 38 VIP speakers from 30 companies and organizations. About 1,200,000 views for a live-stream video of the Forum were recorded online.


The 2nd Annual Forum will consist of the following segments:
• Cloud Computing for Media Re-Defined: Exploration of groundbreaking cloud computing and Big Data technology
• Film Production Internationalized: Discussion of how high-end content is developed, produced and promoted across borders
• Film Visual Effects Case Studies: Dissection of successful VFX case studies focusing on the contributions and applications of technology
• Beyond Reality: Sampling of VR/AR, games and other out-of-body experiences
• Cutting-Edge Media Technology: Exhibition and introduction of new technology products
Please feel free to share ideas for other segments before 1st June and we can consider adding them to the schedule.



The Forum – the only such event within the NAB Show Shanghai – will occupy 300-400 square meters. The plan for this space is as follows:
Stage: Artistic design complete with stylized lighting displays--10-meter wide LED big screen can achieve shocking visual effects experiences. Two adjoining LED spaces for advertising can help partners better convey their messages.
Booths: 6 standard booths which promote the “open” concept while still allowing for exhibitors to effectively display their products and attract visitors
Media Reception: Private media reception area for quiet conversations and interviews Location: The Forum will be take place at a central location within the exhibition hall to maximize foot traffic


Quantum Cloud cordially invites you to join the Forum and appreciate the technology and art that will be shared and discussed. Quantum Cloud can provide:
• Free Forum entry passes
• Event sponsorship rights
• Forum proposal rights
• Banquet proposal rights
• Booths
• Speaking opportunities
• Over 10,000 focused listeners



Please contact the organizer of this event, Victor Wang, with any questions by e-mail ( or phone ( 86 18911432943). We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai this June!
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