Show Date:Sep 23-24, 2019
Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center

Global Innovation Exchange, Presented by NAB Show Shanghai is a premier international platform for professionals working at media and entertainment industry. The conference invited reputable speakers every year to engage global dialogue regarding forward looking trend, new business model and new technology applications happened at this industry. 

Global Innovation Exchange, Presented by NAB Show Shanghai attracted over 2000 professionals every year. Over 37% of the attendees are middle and senior management from broadcasting bureau, television stations, cable operators, telecom operators, film and animation studios, mobile/internet video platform, VR/AR production company. They mainly come to Global Innovation Exchange to grab forward looking trend, and learn the new business practices which can apply to their future work. 

With the development and maturity of new emerging technology, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT, UHD, Cloud Computing, Big Data and etc. the entire future media ecosystem is facing greatest ever challenges and opportunities, which may revolutionize the entire industry. The boundaries among media have blurred and tends to converged with each other. This rapid change of the media industry will keep changing the way people create, share, and consume information, and it also enhance people’s demand to consume content. Accordingly, the growing demand of content consumers raise up challenges and opportunities for professionals at broadcast and media industry.     

2019 Global Innovation Exchange, presented by NAB Show Shanghai will keep inheriting the spirit of NAB Show’s forward-looking, professionalism and internationalism, and invite domestic and international  experts, scholars and inventors to share their insights of the future trend of the industry, and explore the unique innovative path of the future trans-media industry with the peers together.











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