Show Date:July 3-5, 2019
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
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2018 NAB Show Shanghai to Present Dison Digital Entertainment


Shanghai, China -- Dison Digital Entertainment, an industry leader in offering animation contents, technology, and education services, will exhibit its advanced technology products and solutions for film and TV production.


The company would highlight several outstanding products this year at NAB Show Shanghai.


  • SolidTrack

SolidTrack is an easy to set up real-time camera tracking solution that deals with variable focal lenses (zoom and focus). SolidTrack integrates easily into existing workflows, providing high-quality visualization without delaying the shoot. Compared to the traditional method, SoildTrack is able to save a great deal of producing expense and about 30% shooting time.

SolidTrack has been broadly applied in producing films, such as Alice in Wonderland, Gods of Egypt, A Monster Calls, Cosmos:A Spacetime Odyssey and Da Vinci’s Demons(TV).



  • Vicon Motion Capture System

Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries. Compared to other systems, Vicon motion capture system can capture any type of bone without limits on both feet and quadruped. Whether it's sports or fantasy, next generation or old school, first person or third person, Vicon can get you the moves you need. Whether for film or TV, full CG character animation or VFX shot, real-time or off-line, multiple actors or single actor, Vicon can help. Vicon Motion Capture specifically contributes to broadcast and entertainment industry, involved in films such as Ready Player One, Blade Runner 2049.


  • Dynamixyz Markerless Facial Motion Capture

This system consists of lightweight hardware and efficient software, and it is considered as the most stable markerless facial motion capture. This polished and actor-friendly design can adjust to fit well on any performer. Collaborated with major full-body mocap system, it shows perfect performance in real shooting conditions. With Dynamixyz, many classic characters and works are created, such as the Virtual Japanese Girl Saya, online games JX Online, and 3D CG movie GANTZ:O.




  • Synertial Finger Motion Capture

Synertial finger motion capture is designed for capturing movements of hands and fingers and providing accurate and easy-to-use solutions for users. The gloves allow users to leave out the malady of marking points, long installation time, and inaccurate data.



Participants interested in Dison Digital Entertainment are invited to visit their booth at W1A02-1. Dison Digital Entertainment will address high-tech products at 2018 NAB show Shanghai. Click here for registration. ( Early-bird registrants before May 31st will have the chance to save RMB 1600 to access 3 days NAB Show Shanghai-Global Innovation Exchange Conference (Discount Code: M89U4P)


About Dison Digital Entertainment: Dison Digital Entertainment focus on digital entertainment market and provides professional technical services to various clients from game, animation, film, TV and broadcast companies and organizations. Based on the technological advantage, Dison Digital Entertainment has occupied a leading position in the fields of motion capture, VR, special effects and animation production.


About NAB Show Shanghai: NAB Show Shanghai is produced by National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC). It forms strategic partnership with Shanghai International TV and Film Festival since 2017, and the event is part of critical component of Shanghai International Film Festival. Starting at Year 2015, NAB Show Shanghai is positioned to offer an international platform where professionals at media and entertainment industry in APAC region to exchange forward looking industry vision, experience forward looking technology impacting the future of media ecosystem and networking with professionals in APAC region. Click www.nabshowshanghai to know more details.


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