Show Date:Sep 23-24, 2019
Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center
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Shanghai, China – Xingxi Technology, a high-tech enterprise which provides hardware, software and platform for Live Video Streaming, will present Yuxi BOX Pro at 2018 NAB Show Shanghai.


Video live streaming has gradually been applied in enterprise or conference. However, traditional live broadcast service requires sophisticated software, hardware and devices, as well as professionals to operate streaming system. The traditional transmission process of live video stream is so complex that the players cannot display smooth and stable visuals. Xingxi Technology has created a box to solve this problem. The company owns a renowned brand, Yunxi, in software, hardware and platform.


Yunxi Box Pro is a new enterprise-level intelligent live video streaming box, containing video capture card, PC and portable Wi-Fi. This box can deal with capture, coding, commercials and Cloud service without control instructions from the computer or smartphone. Based on Yunxi Box Pro, users can independently conduct a Video Live streaming show on simple touch screen. It could say that Yunxi Box Pro greatly simplifies the procedure and reduces the cost.

Yunxi BOX Pro


Yunxi Live Video Streaming Platform offers comprehensive solutions designed for enterprises or organizations. The platform covers the whole process of the events, including planning and promotion before events, photography and technical service during the events and data analysis after events.



Yunxi Fast Clips provides integrated services from collection, editing, storage to final data statistics. Compared to traditional upload process, Yunxi Fast Clips has realized the technology that users can edit clips with video live streaming. Additionally, AR technology will help Automatic Speech Recognition and image matting. After production, video clips will be stored in the Cloud, and the platform can help users to distribute to various social media platforms.


At present, according to its official website, Yunxi has served more than 50,000 customers, and the total number of viewers has exceeded 90 million.



Participants interested in Yunxi Technology are invited to visit their booth at W1K16. Yunxi Technology will address high-tech products at 2018 NAB show Shanghai. Click here for registration. ( Early-bird registrants before May 31st will have the chance to save RMB 1600 to access 3 days NAB Show Shanghai-Global Innovation Exchange Conference (Discount Code: M89U4P)


About Xingxi Technology: Xingxi Technology, located in Hangzhou with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in Video live streaming. The company mainly run 3 segment, Yunxi Box for hardware, Yunxi Live platform and Yunxi Fast Clips for software. The company has cooperated with more than 120 dealers and collaborated with companies from various industries, such as conference and exhibition, e-commerce, automobile, education training, medical health, new media, etc.

About NAB Show Shanghai: NAB Show Shanghai is produced by National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC). It forms strategic partnership with Shanghai International TV and Film Festival since 2017, and the event is part of critical component of Shanghai International Film Festival. Starting at Year 2015, NAB Show Shanghai is positioned to offer an international platform where professionals at media and entertainment industry in APAC region to exchange forward looking industry vision, experience forward looking technology impacting the future of media ecosystem and networking with professionals in APAC region. Click www.nabshowshanghai to know more details.

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