Show Date:Sep 23-24, 2019
Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center
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    Led by culture and arts, Full Dimension is a full-service audio system integration company which includes creativity design, music engineering and technology R&D.


    One of our representative technologies is the world's leading "3D sound technology" and it is currently the world's most advanced audio technology. Based on the Huygens Principle and the WFS algorithm, sound reproduction is based on sound objects and it can restore spherical waves, plane waves, and the focus effect in the space. It can locate the sound object at any position in the space of the XYZ axis. There is no Sweet Spot, and it is not limited by the shape of space wherever it is indoor or outdoor.


Seven solutions of applications:

  • Sound Engineering System of Theaters
  • Concert hall, Opera House, Theater Recording System Project
  • Multimedia Exhibition Space
  • Music Engineering, Electronic Music Composing Laboratory
  • Recording Studio, Acoustic Renovation and Recording System Engineering
  • Music Festival Activities in Large Scale
  • Interior Space Acoustics


    Case Studies:

  • 3D Sound Concert Hall on the 126th floor of Shanghai Tower
  • Shanghai Grand Theater 3D Sound Music Gallery
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage Theatre of Grand World
  • Shanghai Oriental Pearl Exhibition Hall
  • 3D Sound Opera Week at North Bund
  • Outdoor 3D Sound Symphony Concert at North Bund
  • Stage Play “Once upon a Time”
  • 3D Sound Concert of Kun Plug by Zhang Jun
  • “Black Box” Theatre at Chang Jiang Theatre
  • E-SONIC3 live 3D sound interactive performances
  • 3D Sound Space×189 Shopping Center
  • 3D sound post-production studio at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
  • Electronic Music Laboratory at Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • 3D Sound and Animation Research Laboratory at China Academy of Art
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