Show Date:Sep 23-24, 2019
Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center
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    Heavenly Sound Multimedia Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd, founded by Siwei Zou and Stephen Smyth, has its headquarter in Shanghai with a branch in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


    Siwei Zou is a professor, composer, founder of sE Electronics, inventor of the Reflexion Filter©, on the board of directors of Rupert Neve Designs and San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and is an expert on Wave Field Synthesis (WFS). The team he leads has been applying WFS technology to globally influential projects and has made great contributions to its development.

    Stephen Smyth, Ph.D. is the inventor of the Smyth SVS technology and the Smyth Research A16 processor. In 1988, he founded Audio Processing Technology Ltd to market the apt-X100 coding algorithm, developed during his post graduate research and now part of the Bluetooth A2DP standard. He was the principal inventor of the Coherent Acoustics algorithm, joined DTS in 1995 as Technical Director, and successfully promoted this algorithm to the DVD standards consortium.


    In the 100 years since the invention of the headphone we have improved the frequency response and dynamic range; added features of accessibility and convenience – wireless connection, noise cancelling, and portability, but still headphone listening does not sound REAL.


Heavenly Sound Core Technology

Smyth SVS

    SMYTH SVS an established audio virtualisation algorithm to create a headphone output that reproduces the full acoustic experience of the original loudspeakers in a real room.


    “The Realiser A16 retains and builds on the the personalisation and measurement features of the earlier Realiser A8, providing unprecedented levels of realism that stamped the Realiser brand as the gold standard in headphone virtualisation for both discerning consumers and audio professionals.”


    “Not only did I get an insane Dolby Atmos experience, it was so realistic that I was convinced there was a malfunction and the speakers were still on! ”

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