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June 13-15, 2017

Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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The Project Conference at 2016 NAB Show succeeds in Shanghai, next in Beijing.

On the afternoon of June 28th, 2016, National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC) succeeded in holding 2016 key brand project media conference, launching out three key projects in this year cooperated with international well-known brands: “2016 NAB Show Shanghai-Shanghai International Trans-media Tech Device Innovation Exposition”, the first “Xuan Cube (International) Virtual Reality Film Festival”activity, and China’s Entertaining Media Cutting-edge Manufacturer Training Conference.

At the conference, the general manager of National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC), Ms. Ren Xiaohui with her group shared their tremendous experiments with attendees.

The director in China of Sales of NAB Show Shanghai, Mr. Li Bing introduced 2016 NAB Show Shanghai-Shanghai International Trans-media Tech Device Innovation Exposition December 7th-9th, 2016. 2016 NAB Show Shanghai Expo was held both by TCDIC and global cultural device exhibition organization association. Shanghai New International Expo Centre was chosen as the venue, covering 20000sqm. The exposition includes two main areas—radio technology innovation area and future television area, displaying the latest technological products and integration cases in trans-media tech devices, exploring solutions and service operating modes about delivering contents to multiple screens via multiple platforms. Some special areas such as OTT area, unmanned plane area, and VR area are designed. The expo has got reply from Korea, India, Canada, Japan, and other countries. At the conference, business guests from the representative companies of 2016 NAB Show Shanghai - Christie and Shanghai Honest Electionics Techonlogy Co.,LTD - delivered speeches respectively. They thought that the holding of 2016 NAB Show shanghai built a bridge between domestic and overseas industries for their international communication, provided opportunities for all industries to get access to national and international industry markets, demonstrating creativity and trends in trans-media technologies.

Technological talents are the most important in the building of technological cities. In order to meet the professional requirements of insiders and make the content quality of trans-media industry meet international standards, TCDIC cooperated with FMC, a professional training organization in U.S., providing 25 professional technological training conferences including shooting, production, and VR manufacturing. FMC is an authorized professional technological training education organization targeting American professionals involved in media and entertaining, which has held 20 years’ professional technological training courses at original NAB Show in U.S.. Ben Kozuch, the founder of FMC, announced at the conference a strategic partnership with TCDIC. FMC will design training courses suitable for China’s professionals and future development of China’s trans-media industry on the platform of NAB Show Shanghai.

The three projects introduced at this conference abstracted much attention and support from various media and colleagues. All the leaders and guests witnessed launching out of 2016 NAB Show Shanghai official platform and collections of works from Xuan Cube (International) Virtual Reality Film Festival. The launching out of these two platforms indicated recruitment of audience and collection of works from all people. Check the website and for more details.

At the end of the conference, in the heated atmosphere, leaders from TCDIC stepped onto the stage and answered questions well from reporters. They gave their own plan about the implementation of projects and promotion of development of the whole industry.

This conference is quite helpful for TCDIC to build Shanghai global technological and creative center. We hope we can learn a lot from the launching out of these projects and play the leading role as a national base.

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