Show Date:July 4-5, 2019
Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center

Dazhi He

Deputy Chief Technology Officer


Consideration for Next Generation Broadcasting of China

5G broadband wireless system has recently become one of the hot research frontiers. But current solutions seem not to able to solve all of traffic issues caused by the flourishing video services. The newest broadcasting system ATSC3.0 has adopted to various new elements and features, such as IP-centric compatible frame structure, cooperative transmission cross networks, dynamic spectrum access, very high capacity and data rates, and in-band low dedicated interactivity, etc.

The ongoing research and development of Chinese next generation broadcasting system is taking seriously considerations on the possible convergence of the broadcasting and mobile broadband eco-systems and one workgroup named as AIB (Advanced Interactive Broadcasting) has been formed to fulfill it. The coming AIB systems will not only be capable of providing efficient and cost effective video services for the mobile terminal in modern urban area, but also delivering high quality and diversified state-of-the-art interactive TV to the general public in China’s vast rural areas.

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